The Foundation Trust Staff Awards

The Foundation Trust Staff Awards were established in 2004 with the intention of rewarding and retaining the School's staff members who have been exemplary in the performance of their roles both inside and outside of the classroom. In 2004, awards were made to 6 staff members, and this has grown over the years to the point where 52 awards were made to members of staff in recognition of their dedication to their role and the School in 2022.

All awards have been established through the incredible generosity of members of the School community and we thank everyone who has contributed to this awards event, and only two subjects - Biology and Geography - do not have their own specific award. If you are interested in establishing your own award, please contact Advancement Manager, Daniel Reddish via email at or phone 027 314 6448. If you are interested in contributing to any of the existing awards listed below, please click the Donate Now button to make a donation.

List of Staff Awards

The Joseph McManemin Award was established in 2016 through seed funding provided by the Old Grammarians Amateur Athletic Trust, and was first presented last year. The award is for the teacher who has advanced amateur distance squad running and track and field athletics.

The Hatch Coaching Award was established in 2010 by Peter to commemorate his son Justin's 211* against Christchurch Boys' High School in 1987. Justin was a superior sportsman in both cricket and soccer and was named a Prefect in 1987. This award is for the teacher who coaches any sport at any level in the School, who best engenders the School motto, Per Angusta Ad Augusta, amongst members of the team they coach.

The John Hume Award was established in 2019 by Greg Long '77 in recognition of the impact his former Grammar Master and Tennis coach Mr John Hume had on his life and passion for Tennis. The award recognises a member of staff who has contributed significantly to the sport of tennis through coaching, managing or performing the role of Master in Charge of Tennis.

The Grammar TEC Rugby Club Award was established in 2019 by Grammar Rugby Incorporated through a conversation with Old Boy and trustee Major Ken Morrison '76 in recognition of the relationship between the Grammar TEC Rugby Club and Auckland Grammar School. The award is to provide incentive for good people to do a great job of coaching Rugby Union at the School. The award recognises a staff member who has contributed significantly to the sport at Auckland Grammar School through showing significant effort and enthusiasm in coaching a team.

The Bob Narev Award for Latin/Classics was established in 2009 in honour of Bob Narev '50. Bob was Senior Partner of law firm Glaister Ennor. Upon his retirement a number of his colleagues established this fund for Latin and Classics, subjects that Bob is extremely passionate about. The Narev Award is presented to a teacher who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to his or her subject, and excellence in classroom teaching, based on the views of the Latin and Classics teachers.

The Kwek Award was established by Leng Hai and Bee Kwek in 2005 as they wanted to recognise teachers who go beyond the call of duty. The award recognises a teacher who goes the extra mile for an individual student, based on the recommendation of the Prefects.

The Lyn Rawlinson Award was made possible by the Crawford family who wanted to recognise the assistance their son received through the Learning Support Centre during his time at Grammar, and was renamed to honour Lyn Rawlinson's 21 years' service to the department. This award is for an inspirational teacher within Learning Support, showing commitment and passion in the classroom.

The Munro Award was established in memory of Sir Robert Lindsay Munro '21. Sir Robert excelled as a hockey player and captained the New Zealand Senior Men's team that toured Australia undefeated in 1932. This award is for a teacher who has shown commitment to Hockey.

The Ray Wilson Award was established in 2019 after the School received an incredibly generous bequest gift from the estate of Old Boy Raymond Wilson '36 for the "furtherance of sporting activities at the School". The award was established to recognise a member of staff who has contributed significantly to the furtherance of sporting activities at Auckland Grammar School through coaching, managing, or the administration of the sport.

The Music Award was established in 2010 from several major gifts and since then other members of the Grammar community have also supported this fund. The key criteria is that the teacher is inspirational in their capacity as a Music teacher.

The David William Crowe Award was established by Old Boy Russell Crowe '77. Russell made a gift to the Foundation Trust in 2002 to create an award on behalf of the Crowe family. It was in memory of his uncle David William Crowe, and to recognise the growing importance of theatre in the life of the School. This award recognises excellence in the production of a play or musical and is awarded for the master who has contributed immeasurably to the success of such a production.

The Porus Family Award was established by the Porus family in 2005 to reward teachers who have inspired students during the course of their schooling here at Auckland Grammar School. Mr and Mrs Porus' two sons attended Grammar (Daniel '00 and Joel '03) and are also members of the Augusta Fellowship. This award recognises a teacher who has inspired students during the course of their schooling, based on the recommendation of the Prefects.

The Dean's Award was established in 2010 as an annual award by an Old Boy who was a Prefect at Auckland Grammar in 1970, but has preferred to remain behind the scenes. This award is for the outstanding performance from any Dean involved at any level of the School.

The Foundation Trust Award is presented to a committed support staff member, who shows loyalty to the School and its values.

The Commerce Award is presented to a master who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to his/her subject and outstanding teaching in the classroom, within the area of Commerce.

The Mathematics Award is presented to a dedicated and passionate Maths teacher.

The Driver/Orange Award for Physics or Mathematics honours two of the School's legendary masters, Teddy Driver and Fred Orange. The award was introduced by Old Boy Raoul Franklin '48, who attended Grammar in 1951. Raoul lives in the UK and is delighted that other members of the Grammar community have since supported this award. These two teachers influenced his life and he hopes that future generations will be able to enjoy the mental stimulation he received when he was at Grammar. This award alternates between Physics and Mathematics.

The Marianne and Ursula Kosubke Award for Languages was established in 2018 by Old Boy Billy Boyd '68 in recognition of his later mother and his aunt. The award recognises a teacher who shows passion and commitment for their subject and generates a love of linguistics in students.

The Ken Trembath Memorial English Award: during 2012 Roger Hill '63, then Director of Advancement, worked with the Edwards family, who very generously pledged matching gifts from the Robert Edwards Charitable Trust, to establish this award. Robert '37 was a secondary school teacher who taught languages at Otahuhu College, Penrose High School, Rutherford College and Tamaki College. His view was that good teachers should be rewarded for teaching at a high standard. This award is to be presented to a teacher who shows passion and commitment for the subject and generates a love of English in the classroom.

The Gus Fisher Art Award was established by The Gus Fisher Charitable Trust in memory of Gus Fisher '34. Gus was named Old Boy of the Year in 2008. His name is recorded on the Honours Board in the Heritage Room amongst other esteemed Old Boys, and we also recognise his commitment to enriching the lives of others through philanthropy. The award is for an Art teacher, who shows exceptional commitment and outstanding quality teaching.

The Hugh and Campbell Grierson Memorial Award was established in 2010 by their parents to recognise what they achieved in their lives. Hugh '80 was a brilliant mathematician. He achieved a national junior scholarship at the age of 16 and excelled in a number of adventurous sports including speed skiing, mountain biking, and rock and alpine climbing. He competed in the demonstration sport of speed skiing at the 1992 Winter Olympics. He died of a brain tumour in 2001, aged 33. Campbell '82 was a member of the 1st XV Rugby Team and a Prefect in 1986. He was also a real outdoors enthusiast. He learnt mountain craft safety, and rock and alpine climbing. He participated in abseiling, kayaking, mountain biking and road cycling. He died on his second ascent of Mt Cook in 1996 at just 27. Both men were known for their leadership qualities and were grandsons of Max Grierson '14, founding partner of law firm Simpson Grierson and one of five brothers who attended Grammar; making the boys part of a well-known Grammar family. This award alternates between Outdoor Education and Mathematics.

The Philip Newland Endowment Award was established in 2010 by Philip '82, who is also a member of the Augusta Fellowship bequest programme and generous supporter of the AEF. The award is for an inspirational teacher, whose students are inspired by learning and self-belief to achieve their potential, and is for any subject and at any teaching level.

The Merle and Oliver Newland Award was established in 2019 by Merle and Oliver's son Philip '82, in honour of his parents Oliver '53 and Merle. Olly has been a long-time supporter of the School and Merle, a school teacher herself, exemplifies the values of commitment and diligence and fostered in her children and students a deep respect for learning. The award is for a teacher who embodies the values of professional commitment, diligence and excellence in the teaching of English or History, and by doing so successfully inspires a love for the subject in their students.

The Miller Hawkesby Award was donated in 2020 by the Hawkesby Family in the name of 2019 Head Prefect Miller Hawkesby to recognise the important role that the School's Student Services team play in supporting the School's young men. The award is for a member of the Student Services Faculty, recognising dedication to their role including the provision of exemplary support to young men.

The Michael Sandelin Award was established in 2014 when the Sandelin family created this award in the name of the late Michael Sandelin (father of Mark Sandelin '75 and grandfather of Jamie '11 and Jack '17). The award is given to a teacher who inspires leadership inside and outside the classroom.

The Friedlander Incentive Awards: the Academic Endowment Fund received a major boost when the Friedlander Incentive Awards were officially launched in 2005 by Sir Michael Friedlander and the Friedlander Foundation. Sir Michael '49 is a well-known businessman, who was knighted in 2016 for his services to the community. Sir Michael has been adamant that the following awards are to help create a remuneration structure that recognises high-performing staff that provide an incentive for those prepared to accept responsibility in management roles.

The Michael Farrell Award is presented to a master teacher of any subject. This is the School's premier teaching award and is given out on a less regular basis.

The Simcock Family Scholarship was established in 2021 and is for a teacher who has demonstrated enthusiasm for discovery and learning, being curious across topics, and imparting an infectious energy for learning. Someone who is inspirational to students and faculty members alike. The scholarship will reimburse travel, and associated expenses, accommodation, course fees incurred in personal and professional growth, including attending a Cambridge University Institute of Continuing Education Programme.